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Saturday, January 12, 2008

"Beating Google not main Objective"

Wikipedia founder Mr.Jimmy Wales has said that his main objective behind the launch of new search engine Wikia Search is to provide netizens with a viable, transparent alternative to Google, rather than beat it.

He himself, doubts whether his new search engine will ever be able to replace Google.

"What we are saying is we would be thrilled if we had 5 percent of the search market. That would be a fabulous success."Nature Magazine quoted him as saying.

While it is well known that Google is based on a system called PageRank, Mr.Wales insists that they do not explain their algorithms and editorial decisions behind closed doors.


He has revealed that the backbone of Wikia Search is the open source Nutch search engine, and claimed that it is an open, democratic and participatory search engine.

Wikia Search, which has received frosty response from netizens since comments will allow the searches to improve to a level that mean the 'low quality' statement on the homepage can be removed.

When asked what is going to be Wikipedia's next project, Mr.Wales said that he was too occupied at the time with Wikia Search to think of anything else.

"I haven't really thought beyond this project, which is absorbing all my time," Mr.Wales said.

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