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Friday, January 11, 2008


Finally TATA Motor’s Small Car NANO has been shown to the World today. TATA ’s 1-Lakh Car is the most expected one for TATA Motors Small Car Project.

Tata Small Car Picture, Photos are doing rounds everywhere.

Here are a few important things about Tata Small Car.

* Stunningly good looking and modern car

* Name Nano to reflect size and modernity

* Two A-pillars so that it can meet better crashworthiness norms

* Front-on tests already done

* Smaller footprint than the Maruti 800

* 20% more interior volume than Maruti 800

* Base model to cost only Rs 1 lakh plus VAT and transport

* Centrally mounted instrument console (left and right hand compatibility possible without additional cost)

* Independent front and rear suspension

* The two-cylinder 624 cc four stroke petrol engine to develop 33 bhp and deliver 20 kpl

* The engine mounted at the rear to generate more interior space. Battery also placed in the rear

* Small ‘boot’ at the front of the car

* Tata Motors adds 40 patents in the process of developing Nano

“Promise is a promise,” Rata Tata, chairman, Tata Motors said after unveiling the car at the Auto Expo.

Excerpt from breakfast with Ratan Tata:

“Cars shown at the expo are production ready. Off-set crash tests and side-on tests yet to be done - but will be done. Warns that rising inflation may result in the price going up in the near future. Car will come out of Singur facility.”

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