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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Playboy Wants Lindsay Lohan !!

Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner hopes to land Lindsay Lohan for a nude photo shoot as Marilyn Monroe for the magazine. Hefner was reportedly impressed by Lohan's recent Monroe recreation spread in New York Magazine and is interested in doing a similar photo shoot for Playboy. Hefner is also rumored to be interested in asking the Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley, to pose naked as well.

Actress Lindsay Lohan was the prima donna of buzz in February for posing semi-nude in a NewYork Magazine ,recreation of a Marilyn Monroe's last professional photo shoot. Now it seems Playboy's Hugh Hefner wants Lohan to recreate another famous Monroe spread in the pages of his magazine. According to a report by Splash News , Hefner hopes to convince Lohan to recreate Monroe's naked swimming scene from Something's Got to Give.

Considering Lohan's New York Magazine portrayal sparked an Internet frenzy over the photos, even crashing the magazine's web site, it is unsurprising that Hefner might wish to capitalize on the publicity of another nude Lohan shoot.

Lohan is not the only starlet to currently hold Hefner's interest. According to reports by several gossip sites, including Star Magazine,Playboy would also like to acquire the Olsen twins for a nude photo shoot. Hefner reportedly asked the twins to pose for the magazine when they turned 18, but was refused. Now Hefner is rumored to be trying to seal the deal with the twins again to celebrate their 22nd birthday. An unnamed 'insider' told Star that Hefner believes the twins are "every young man's fantasy."

Although speculation is high on Hollywood gossip sites that Lohan might actually go for the idea of another nude spread, it is considered likely the Olsen twins would only hand Hefner another rejection.

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