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Sunday, March 2, 2008

9 year Old - Remarkable Story Of Survival !!

Nine year old Job McCully is a fighter who refuses to give up. Five years ago he faced down leukemia. Last year his heart stopped twice. Now he's recuperating from a lung transplant he received in December at St. Louis Children's Hospital.

The youngster from a small town near Little Rock, Arkansas, spent an entire year hospitalized waiting for a transplant and then recovering. He technically died in October when his heart stopped for eight minutes. His lungs were on the verge of failing when the donor organ became available. "When I got the call the donor organ was a match, I was speechless," explained his mother Tina McCully. She cried and prayed the operation would actually take place.

Job left Children's Hospital on February 21 to live with his mother and grandmother at an apartment provided by the Ronald McDonald House charity. The fourth grader attends class and physical therapy sessions each day at the hospital.

"Right now I can't stand and I get out of breath easy," said Job. When asked how he would describe this lengthy hospital experience, he paused thoughtfully; then said, "Frustrating." The child went on to explain he'd been fighting the disease for five years. Treatment for his leukemia caused the lung damage and prompted the need for a transplant. Despite the successful lung transplant, Job is not ready to declare victory. The drugs he's taken have caused cataracts and diabetes.

Nevertheless his mother sees a positive future. "I have all the hopes in the world. I really believe he'll have a full life," she said. West County Assembly of God Church is planning a benefit for the family March 7 and 8. "It just means so much that there are so many loving people in St. Louis that's took care of us when we didn't have anybody here and I just appreciate it," McCully said.

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